MemberHub is a membership site platform designed from the ground to be the world’s greatest membership platform.

MemberHub – $297 (lifetime price – not a monthly or yearly price)

MemberHub Pro – $197/yearly (allows you to create additional membership sites and have more customers)

MemberHub Agency – $1997 (gives you the ability to offer membership services to clients)

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What is MemberHub?

MemberHub is a brand-new membership platform created by Chad Nicely and Karthik Ramani.

Wait…what is a membership platform?

A membership platform is software that enables you to create membership sites.

Wait…one more time…what are membership sites?

Membership sites are websites where groups of people that are interested in the same topics gather to learn, socialize, and grow.

For instance, let’s say you are a drummer and you are looking for online drum lessons.

You could simply buy an online video course and watch it alone…OR…

You could join a membership site designed for drummers that includes multiple video courses, as well as interact with other drummers, earn points for completing training modules, and possibly even receive rewards for completing entire courses!

You tell me…which one sounds funner to you?

And honestly, which method do you think will make you a better drummer?

That is what a membership site is…

which is built on a membership platform…

with MemberHub being the world’s best!

Why is MemberHub the World’s Greatest Membership Platform?

MemberHub is the best membership platform available because it has been built from the ground up by people who have used the other platforms and knew they could build something faster, more intuitive, and with more features.

Chad and Karthik wanted to keep MemberHub stupid simple so that users could focus on delivering great content, instead of fighting with the membership site itself.

Let’s Look at Some of MemberHub’s Features…

Create as Many Membership Sites as You Want!

With a few clicks you can create as many gorgeous membership sites as your plan allows.

Choose from Dozens of Custom Templates!

Changing themes within MemberHub is super-simple.

Add as Many Products as You Want to Your Membership Sites!

A membership site is nothing without CONTENT. You can add an unlimited number of products.


Create goals, assign points, provide rewards, and much more to keep your members engaged, encouraged, and entertained.

Amazingly Advanced Monetization Platform!

MemberHub gives you a number of ways to make money with your membership sites.

Product Sales Pages Created Automatically!

When you add a product a sales page is automatically generated for the product for you.

Multiple Payment Integration Possibilities!

The goal is to earn money and MemberHub integrates with most of the major payment providers.

What Can I Do With MemberHub?

This is where the potential is crazy promising!

Let’s go back to my drumming example.

But this time you are not the drummer looking for online videos, you are the seasoned drummer that teaches locally but is looking to branch out into the world-wide-web.

What are your options?

  • You could join a subreddit about drumming.
  • You could record some great instructional videos and sell them on Amazon.
  • You could create a membership site where you drip feed those same video lessons to a community of drummers on different drumming styles, techniques, rudiments, and so on.

Which one would you pick?

I know which one I would pick and which one I will be doing in the near future. 😉

With MemberHub you can easily create a community around whatever topic you like…

Tennis, Scrapbooking, Yoga, Body Weight Fitness, Paleo Diet, Woodworking, Climbing, Hunting, Fishing, Marketing, Coding, Hacking, Photography, TV Shows, Gardening, Music, Hiking, Sewing, Skiing, Billards, Dancing…whatever you like!!

As long as you, or someone involved is providing awesome content…people will love to be a part of your community (membership site).

What about MemberHub and local businesses?

You read my mind…

You can go to local business owners (landscape designer, plumber, electrician, lawyer, doctor, masseuse, beautician, etc.) and offer to build them a MemberHub site so that they can turn their unique knowledge into a recurring online income!

The possibilities are endless!

Alright Jay, sounds interesting. What are your thoughts?

I was fortunate enough to gain access to MemberHub a little early and absolutely love it!

As you may know, I am releasing my first info-training product (Twit Brigade) on August 31st.

I had already built out Twit Brigade on a platform that was great for creating landing pages and funnels but had only recently introduced membership site capabilities (mostly as an after-thought).

Even though I was about two weeks out from launch I pleaded with Chad and Karthik for access to MemberHub and was able to create my entire course in MemberHub within a few short hours (most of that time was simply getting my bearings on all the amazing functionality and features in MemberHub.)

Now, Twit Brigade will be launched as the first training within my MarketingSchool.Online membership site, instead of just a one-off product.

Another big part of my decision to move to MemberHub was to SAVE MONEY!

Yes, MemberHub costs more than most products I (and most other affiliate marketers) promote. But, the other platform I was going to release Twit Brigade on cost nearly $100 a month.

Math Time:

Option 1 – Release on the other product that is not really a membership platform at $97 per month indefinitely

Option 2 – Release on MemberHub with all of its membership awesomeness for the one-time cost of $297

It was a no-brainer.

Give us more actual details Jay…

OK, let me break it down into the steps I took to build Twit Brigade within MemberHub…

  1. I logged into MemberHub and clicked Create Membership
  2. I walked through the setup wizard (membership name, theme, colors, etc.).
  3. I clicked Create New Product and adding in all the modules with videos, resources, downloads for the course.
  4. I adjusted a few system settings and grabbed my sign up URLs to place in Warrior+.

Honestly, that is about it.

Now don’t get me wrong…you can easily spend hours customizing and tweaking and whatever else.

But, you don’t have to.

MemberHub makes everything simple and even builds sales pages for you as you add your products.

Like they say…stupid simple.

I highly recommend MemberHub for anyone that creates info-products, teaches online or offline, creates video training, or consults with local businesses.

MemberHub will open up new doors of income for you.

What about you bonuses Jay?

MemberHub is awesome and therefore deserves awesome bonuses!

MemberHub Bonus

You will get access to my upcoming Twit Brigade course (eBook and video training), as well as I will throw in a Done-For-You Twit Brigade setup (a $147 value).

MemberHub Pro Bonus

You will get access to my upcoming Twit Brigade course (eBook and video training), a Done-For-You Twit Brigade setup (a $147 value), and 1 year of Gold access to our MarketingSchool.Online membership site (a $564 value).

MemberHub Agency Bonus

You will get access to my upcoming Twit Brigade course (eBook and video training), a Done-For-You Twit Brigade setup (a $147 value), and 1 year of Platinum access to our MarketingSchool.Online membership site (a $1164 value).


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Copy Paste Commissions

Copy Paste Commissions is a training program that teaches you battle-tested, commission creating, affiliate strategies that Omar Martin and Michael Cheney have used to generate millions of dollars of combined commissions per year.

Copy Paste Commissions eBook – $9.95

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Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

If you have ever thought about trying to earn extra money or even a full time income online then affiliate marketing is one of the many ways you can accomplish that goal.

Copy Paste Commissions is a course taught by highly successful affiliate marketers Omar Martin and Michael Cheney. (You might recognize Michael’s name from one of my other reviews, Commission Black Ops.)

Omar and Michael walk you through several of their most successful affiliate marketing campaigns that equip you with secret insider knowledge.

Will Copy Paste Commissions Help Me Get Rich?

Um…yes and no and maybe…and it depends on how you define “rich”.

(How’s that for clarity?)

Yes – The strategies taught in Copy Paste Commissions are proven strategies that have made other people a very good income. Like everything else in life, your results will be unique to you based on your effort, experience, opportunity, and willingness to stick through the lean times.

No – If you are looking to point and click a couple of times and sit back and watch the money roll in…you are in for a shock. Most successful affiliate marketers work very hard to produce the income they generate. In addition, even with proven strategies and great instruction many people still fail to make money online, let alone “get rich”.

Maybe – Combine my two answers above and you have a solid case for “maybe”.

And, of course, everything above is dependent on how you define “rich”. That is a question you can only answer for yourself.

What Strategies Does Copy Paste Commissions Teach?

The eBook consists of five teaching chapters…

  1. The Crush Campaign
  2. The Fence Shaker Strategy
  3. Traffic
  4. Bonus Strategy
  5. Email Strategy

Jay, what do you think about Copy Paste Commissions?

I was granted review access to the eBook and was impressed with the amount of information provided (80 pages).

The Crush Campaign is a short chapter that simply lays out the strategy.

The Fence Shaker Strategy is just the opposite. It is 15 pages of affiliate marketing gold. As I read it it was if Omar and Michael sat down with me for coffee (I don’t drink coffee) and explained everything. Not only do they share the strategy…they share the mindset behind the strategy…the “why” you should do it this way. This chapter is gold!

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. The primary traffic source taught in this chapter is Facebook. Omar and Michael teach you how to bypass the Facebook police when sharing affiliate links. Omar and Michael also include a couple of ideas for having your customers market for you as well!

The remaining two chapters are, to use my earlier image, like sitting down to dinner with Omar and Michael and them simply giving you concept after concept of affiliate marketing goodness.

Knowledge is power.

Copy Paste Commissions is full of knowledge and wisdom to help you get started, move forward, or succeed even further with affiliate marketing.

What about your bonus?

I am launching my first info-training product on August 31st, Twit Brigade.

Twit Brigade teaches you how to build authority and influence on Twitter by building an army of realistic looking and acting Twitter personas.

My bonus to you if you purchase Copy Paste Commissions through my link is that I will give you both the Twit Brigade eBook, as well as the Twit Brigade Video Training.

The info for accessing the bonus will be available instantly in JVZoo.

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Lifetime.Hosting Review and Bonus

Lifetime.Hosting is a revolutionary new pay oncehost forever approach to web hosting.

Special Early Bird Savings begin on August 15th at 10am and end on August 18th at 10am.

Lite – 1 website, 250 MB of storage: $14.95 (to $19.95 on August 18th)

Starter – 4 websites, 4 GB of storage: $37 (to $47 on August 18th)

Deluxe – 12 websites, 12 GB of storage: $67 (to $87 on August 18th)

What is Lifetime.Hosting?

Lifetime.Hosting is a revolutionary new web hosting pricing model where you pay once and host your website forever.

This type of pricing model is unheard of in the web hosting industry.

With most web hosting providers you sign up for a plan (usually at a great introductory price) and after a few months, or a year, your monthly price sky rockets.

I just had this happen to me with one of the major hosting companies.

I actually got a great deal on a 3 year plan. About a month ago my 3 year plan ran out and I ended up buying a 3 month extension for about half of what I paid for the entire 3 year deal!

Yes, I felt (and still feel) disgusted at the provider, as well as at myself for not moving my sites sooner.

Guess where I moving them now. 😉

What is Web Hosting?

Though many of you who visit this review will know what “web hosting” is, I don’t want to assume that everyone is familiar with it.

Let’s start at the beginning…

If you decide to create an online business, blog, company website, e-commerce store, etc., there is a pretty good chance you will need your own website.

But, before you can even create your website you will need to find a domain name.

A domain name is the “address” of your site. Examples include,,…you get the idea.

To get a domain you have to purchase it from a domain name registrar like GoDaddy, Namecheap, or even Google. (I personally like Namecheap the best.)

Once you have your domain name you have to tell the registrar where the website for your domain will live. You do this with DNS.

DNS stands for domain name system. It is a system that maps domain names (, to IP addresses.

An IP address is a numeric indicator that is unique to your web host provider, much like your home address.

To map this to the real world…the domain name would be Jay’s House and the IP address would be 563 My Street, Charlotte, NC 28806 (not my real address).

So, once you have your domain name you need a hosting provider to host your website.

This is where Lifetime.Hosting comes in to play with the best hosting deal I have ever seen!

What Will My Hosting Plan Include?

  • Enterprise RAID Storage – In simple terms, this means they run your website on servers that have hard drives configured in such a way that it provides failover if one or more drives fails, and is optimized for speed.
  • Applications & Tools – You will be able to install WordPress, Joomla, osCommerce, Gallery and more with one click!
  • Unlimited 24/7 Support – Available 24/7/365 via live chat and email. This matters! Imagine running an e-commerce store that does good numbers after business hours…Lifetime.Hosting has you covered in case of an emergency.
  • Free Website Builder – No scripting, coding, or HTML skills required.
  • cPanel Control Panel – cPanel is the de facto standard hosting control panel and is easy to use.
  • Unlimited Email Accounts – Create as many 500 MB email accounts, forwarders, and autoresponders as you need.

What do I think about Lifetime.Hosting?

In all honesty I have not hosted any websites with Lifetime.Hosting…yet.

As I mentioned earlier, I made the mistake of letting my hosting plan lapse and had to pay a pretty penny just to keep my sites up for an extra 3 months.

In fact, my 3 month price was only a few dollars less than the Lifetime.Hosting Deluxe launch pricing.

I will definitely be purchasing Lifetime.Hosting and moving my sites off the other hosting provider as part of this launch.

One criticism that could possibly be raised about Lifetime.Hosting is the limited storage and limited number of websites.

In the past I have preferred hosting plans that had unlimited storage (which I never used), unlimited bandwidth (which Lifetime.Hosting provides), and unlimited websites (which I definitely take advantage of).

If you only plan to host one website then the Lifetime.Hosting Lite package is a no-brainer…pay once – host forever.

If you expect to host 3-4 websites then the Lifetime.Hosting Starter package is for you.

If you are an Internet Marketer who builds many sites (12 or more) then the Lifetime.Hosting Deluxe package is your best bet. (And if you need more than 12 website simply buy multiple Deluxe packages…it is still pay once – host forever, and will beat any other hosting plan out there.)

What About Your Bonus Jay?

OK, for those of you who are familiar with Information Product launches you know that most people offer crazy bonus packages in addition to the main offer.

Many of those bonus packages are comprised of worthless PLR material, outdated courses, or outdated software.

I prefer to go a different route and offer up access to whatever product I am currently launching or am about to launch.

In this case, I am about to launch an in-depth Twitter training course called Twit Brigade on August 31st.

Twit Brigade teaches you how to build your own Twitter army in order to quickly build your authority and influence on Twitter.

My bonus to you if you buy Lifetime.Hosting is both the Twit Brigade e-book, as well as access to the Twit Brigade Video Training and membership area.

The info for this bonus will be instantly accessible from JVZoo when you pick up Lifetime.Hosting through my links.

Pick The Plan That Is Right For You

Lifetime.Hosting Lite

1 website, 250 MB of storage


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Lifetime.Hosting Starter

4 websites, 4 GB of storage


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Lifetime.Hosting Deluxe

12 websites, 12 GB of storage


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Local Adwords Income Review and Bonus

Local Adwords Income is a comprehensive, 30 module video training course that introduces you to Adwords and walks you through setting up and optimizing campaigns for local clients.

Tuesday Early Bird – $17

Wednesday – $18

Thursday – $19

Friday – $20

Saturday & After – $21

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What is Local Adwords Income?

Local Adwords Income is a video training course from the Offline Sharks, Tom Gaddis and Nick Ponte, that teaches you how to setup Adwords campaigns for local businesses.

LAI contains 30 videos that take you by the hand and walk you through both an intro to Adwords, as well as campaign setup and how to communicate about pay-per-click advertising with your local clients.

Watch this video to see an overview of the training material…

What’s Included with Local Adwords Income?

Tom and Nick have done a great job of teaching you how to use Google Adwords, with an eye for local client marketing. They walk you through how to set up Google Adwords for local clients and then optimize their campaigns.

Below are the main categories included in the training…

  • Understanding Adwords & Pay-Per-Click
  • Adwords Account Options
  • Setting Up Campaigns
  • Ad Extensions
  • Keywords
  • How to Write Effective Ad Copy
  • Evaluation & Optimization

Within each main category their are roughly 4-7 videos that dive in-depth into Adwords.

My Thoughts on Local Adwords Income

Tom and Nick sent me review access to Local Adwords Income (Without me even having to ask, love that!). I quickly dove in and started digesting their training.

I have purchased previous trainings from Tom and Nick (SEO Shark Academy, Local Client Shark) and have been extremely satisfied with the quality of their training material.

I am just as satisfied with Local Adwords Income.

The video lessons are short and to the point. It is all about getting you the info you need to know and not a bunch of fluff.

I have done some Adwords advertising but have been limited by my lack of knowledge and experience.

This training absolutely helped fill in the gap in my understanding, and I look forward to putting the nuggets I learned into action!

What About Your Local Adwords Income Bonus?

OK, I know that bonuses are important and many marketers will throw together as much related PLR crap as they can to get you to buy from them.

I prefer to not just dispense PLR stuff that is sub-par or just plain worthless.

If you buy through my link I will give you access to my upcoming, yet-to-be-released Twit Brigade training for FREE!

Not only that, I will give you access to the Twit Brigade Video Course (OTO1) for FREE as well!

Twit Brigade is a training course that teaches you how to create your own Twitter Army to build authority and influence with all FREE methods. It is scheduled to be released on August 31st but you will get access to the PDF and the video training immediately if you purchase LAI through my link.

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