The Absolute Best Internet Marketing and SEO Black Friday Deals 2016

It’s that crazy time of year again when everyone goes shopping!

It is one of the absolute best times of year to buy Internet Marketing and SEO training and products.

Some of the biggest players offer huge discounts; Namecheap, Hostgator, Link Assistant, Semantic Mastery, Godaddy, and tons more…

This is a living post and will be updated as deals are announced.

So, check in daily and watch for new deals to be posted…

November 21, 2016


Dates: November 25 – 29

Tons of specials on hosting and domain purchases. I cannot post them until they are live, but they are good!


Buzz Bundle by Link Assistant

Dates: November 22-24

Take 60% off Link Assistant’s hugely popular Social Media Management software.

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Dates: November 25

My favorite registrar had some of the best domain registration deals last year. I bought way too many domains!

Again, I cannot post the deals until Friday so bookmark this page and check back frequently.



Dates: November 25 – 29

I have hosted with Bluehost for over 3 years with no problems.

And again, I cannot post Bluehost deals until they are live so check back frequently.

Hey, just a quick note about these deals:

I am an affiliate for every product on the Black Friday deals page. If you click on a link that takes you to a product sales page this is an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price if you decide to purchase.

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WP Secure

WP Secure is a WordPress plugin that can hide your WordPress site from hackers.

Launch Date: November 16th

Launch Time: 9am EST

WP Secure – $7 (Early bird) – $10

Upsell 1 – WP Secure Developer Rights + VIP Training – $17

Upsell 2 – WP Secure Reseller Rights – $17

Upsell 3 – Mega Bundle – WP Click Viral Plugin + SEO Masterclass training – $27

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What is WP Secure?

WP Secure is a WordPress security plugin that hides your WordPress site from hackers.

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system with 59.4% market share.

And it’s growth is outpacing other CMS systems by huge numbers.

But, with all of this success comes attention from hackers.

Here are some staggering stats:

  • Over 170,000 WordPress sites were hacked last year
  • 41% were via a flaw with their hosting provider
  • 29% were hacked via a vulnerability in their chosen WordPress theme
  • 22% were hacked via a vulnerability in a chosen WordPress plugin
  • 8% were hacked via a weak admin password

Needless to say, securing your WordPress site(s) is of crucial importance!

How does WP Secure actually keep my WordPress site safe?

WP Secure keeps your WordPress site secure by hiding the fact that it is a WordPress site from hackers.

Watch this video from Luan to see exactly how it works…

Jay, what do you think about WP Secure?

Lets start with…I am not a WordPress security expert…and neither are most of you.

So, any time I am dealing with a piece of software that supposedly is going to protect my sites I have to do some due diligence research.

What I found is this article from wpmudev…

WordPress Security: The Ultimate Guide

If you really want to dig in to WordPress security then read through the entire article.

Otherwise, let me share with you how what I found relates to WP Secure.

WP Secure primarily secures your site by disguising your site.

Many hackers use automated tools to find and identify hacking targets. Many hackers target WordPress and will completely miss your site because their tools will not identify your site as a WordPress site.

By changing the names of the common files and directories, WP Secure effectively makes your site look like a non-WordPress site.

This is a very simple and slick way to hide your site from the vast majority of hackers.

And is one of the methods discussed in the wpmudev article.

Luan has just made the process super easy by developing a WordPress plugin to do the heavy lifting for you.

I have been looking for a WordPress security plugin and like the simplicity of WP Secure.

I definitely recommend it to all WordPress users.

What about the bonuses?

I am including my Twitter training if your purchase through my link. FREE traffic to your now secure WordPress site. 🙂

Pick up WP Secure and my bonus today!

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Traffic Fireball

Traffic Fireball is a training course that teaches you 5 FREE traffic methods for driving hungry buyers to your sales pages.

Launch Date: November 9, 2016

Launch Time: 10am EST

Traffic Fireball – $7.95 (earlybird) – $9.95

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What is Traffic Fireball?

Traffic Fireball is a video training course that teaches you 5 unique methods for driving traffic to your website or sales pages.

It is divided up into 5 different modules, with most modules containing multiple related services so that you can pick the service that works best for you.

What do you think about Traffic Fireball?

Over the past few weeks I have been analyzing the amount of traffic I drive to my different sites.

And the results have been surprising…but not in a good way.

I realized that I am doing a terrible job of driving traffic to my sites.

So, when I saw that Alessandro Zamboni was releasing a traffic course I immediately had to see what it was all about.

Alessandro was nice enough to grant me review access and I consumed the course as quickly as I could!

What I like:

Alessandro kicked the course off with a site I had never heard of and think will be a big traffic boost. I immediately followed along with his training, created an account, and have begun using the site.

This one gold nugget of a site is worth the price of the course!

The rest of the modules cover methods that are probably a little more familiar to many Internet Marketers.

I have used a couple of them but learned some new sites and methods I had not tried before.

The best thing is that Alessandro gives really good advice on how to properly use each platform, which I was not doing.

What I don’t like:

Overall, I am very impressed with Traffic Fireball and think Alessandro delivers quality traffic training.

The only thing I wish were in the training was a case study that showed a new account and the actual traffic results produced by a given method.

In other words, I trust that each method will produce some amount of traffic but I would love to have seen at least one example of a method being implemented for a week and the resulting traffic that method produced.

Ultimately, I think that each method will work, but it will take some trial and error to see which ones are the most effective and worth the time investment.

Are there any upsells?


Traffic Fireball 10 ($27) – 10 proven inexpensive paid traffic methods that consistent convert leads into sales.

Bing Ads Video Series ($37) – A special video series on how to use Bing Ads to drive massive traffic to your sites.

YouTube Ads Video Series ($57) – Use super-inexpensive YouTube Ads to drive tons of traffic to your offers.

What about the bonuses, Jay?

Alessandro is throwing in the following bonuses…

And I am throwing in another awesome FREE traffic training…

Grab Traffic Fireball and the amazing Bonuses Now!

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