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In our Stop Motion Creator review we take an honest look at this stop motion creation software to let you know whether it’s worth your investment.

Stop Motion Creator Launch Details

Sales Page:

Launch Date: November 12, 2017

Launch Time: 11am EST

Launch Price: $27 Personal, $37 Commercial

OTOs/Upsells: Stop Motion Creator Pro ($67), Stop Motion Creator Pro Templates ($67), Stop Motion Traffic ($67)

Product Creator: Andrew Darius

What is Stop Motion Creator?

Stop Motion Creator is a very simple software that converts normal videos into stop motion videos with a few clicks.

The front end product comes in two variations, personal and commercial.

If you only plan to use Stop Motion Creator for your own videos then personal will be fine.

If you plan on selling your stop motion videos to clients then you’ll need the commercial license.

What is stop motion video?

Historically, stop motion was an animation technique where an object was made to look like it moved on its on. Most of us have seen this technique used in clay-mation movies and TV shows.

More recently, stop motion video has been used to give normal videos an extra oomph to capture and keep the attention of the viewer.

Stop Motion Creator makes creating stop motion videos simple and quick.

Check out this Stop Motion Creator demo…

As you can see from the demo, Stop Motion Creator is very easy to use.

Stop Motion Video OTOs/Upsells:

There are several upsells. Let’s take a look…

Stop Motion Creator Pro ($67)

Stop Motion Creator Pro adds the ability to adjust the speed, add multiple markers and select the exact part of the video you want to add stop motion.

Below is a demo of the Stop Motion Creator Pro features…

Stop Motion Creator Pro Templates ($67)

This is a set of 3000 royalty-free stock HD videos for use with Stop Motion Creator.

Also, watch for a downsell on this level to $37 for 1500 stock videos.

Stop Motion Traffic ($67)

Stop Motion Traffic is software that helps you automate posting of your videos to 17 different social media networks.

Do you need the OTOs?

The Pro upgrade definitely gives you more creative ability so it’s really a matter of whether you’re looking for a no frills, simple solution (front end) or one with a little more editing capability (Pro).

I would skip the templates as there are plenty of free stock video sites (Pixabay being my favorite).

Unfortunately I don’t have enough info on Stop Motion Traffic to make a recommendation one way or another.

What I like about Stop Motion Creator:

My first question when I started testing Stop Motion Creator was…are there free ways to do this type of video effect?

I did some quick searches and found a tutorial for doing it in Camtasia that looked way too complicated. I also saw a few other stop motion creators, but they looked complicated as well.

As you can see from the demo above, Stop Motion Creator is stupid simple.

Add your video, play with the freeze setting and click generate.

If you like it…export it. If you don’t, remove the marker and try it again.

Stupid simple.

From my testing the software works as advertised. I didn’t have any problems creating some simple stop motion videos with it.

Here’s a quick one I made using a video from Pixabay…

What I don’t like about Stop Motion Creator:

Overall, I like what Andrew has created.

Ultimately, I wish the core product had all of the features, even if it meant a higher initial price.

Stop Motion Creator Bonuses:

Andrew is including the following bonuses…

  • Compositor 2.0
  • Screen Marker
  • SC Video Editor
  • Panorama Photo Stitcher for Windows
  • 2D Animation Studio
  • Easy Web Builder Desktop App

In addition, I’m including full access to my MarketingSchool.Online membership site, which includes tons of hours of marketing training.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading through our Stop Motion Creator review.

If you’re looking for a super simple way to create stop motion videos for social media, ads or clients…Stop Motion Creator is a simple and effective tool.

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Stop Motion Creator Review

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