WP Optimiser Review

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In this WP Optimiser review we will test whether WP Optimiser truly delivers a WordPress performance boost.

WP Optimiser Launch Details

Sales Page: http://links.ravereview.biz/wpoptimiser-discount

Launch Date: February 10, 2018

Launch Time: 10am EST

Launch Price: $39/yr Agency OR $37 Personal (For the first day or so use coupon 5off to save $5)

OTOs/Upsells: Viper Cache ($37/yr Agency or $39 Personal), WP Easy Pages ($37/yr Agency or $39 Personal), WP Conversion Boost ($27/yr Agency or $27 Personal)

Product Creators: Chris Hitman, John Merrick and David Cassar

What is WP Optimiser?

WP Optimiser is a WordPress plugin that optimises your WordPress site performance by looking at 6 speed factors.

  • Speed Factor 1 – Hosting
  • Speed Factor 2 – Server
  • Speed Factor 3 – Themes and Plugins
  • Speed Factor 4 – Un-optimised Graphics
  • Speed Factor 5 – Bloated Databases
  • Speed Factor 6 – Long Pages

So how does WP Optimiser fix these speed issues? Take a look at this demo…

What are the WP Optimiser OTOs?

Viper Cache ($37/yr Agency or $39 Personal) – Viper Cache is a powerful WordPress plugin that is musch simpler to use than other WordPress caching options.

WP Easy Pages ($37/yr Agency or $39 Personal) – WP Easy Pages is a WordPress plugin that enables you create beautiful and optimised pages that bypass your site’s theme and plugins, which makes them lighter and much faster to load.

WP Conversion Boost ($27/yr Agency or $27 Personal) – WP Conversion Boost is a WordPress plugin that makes split-testing a breeze by enabling you to make any page dynamic, which means you never have to edit pages individually again…you can just edit the URL.

Do you need the OTOs?

It all depends on your goals and needs.

If you’re looking for top-notch speed, the Viper Cache plugin will further help by caching your commonly accessed pages. Most importantly, it is one-click simple!

As someone who uses the free cache plugins and knows how confusing they can be, Viper Cache looks to be an awesome replacement.

And, if you build a lot of landing pages with WordPress, the WP Easy Pages plugin can help you make them lighter and faster.

If you’re looking for an easy way to do split-testing without creating a bunch of duplicate pages, WP Conversion Boost appears to be an interesting solution.

Does WP Optimiser work?

I decided to test WP Optimiser on the StoryVideo site to see what (if any) improvement it would provide.

Here’s my initial test of the StoryVideo site with no cache plugins enabled and before running WP Optimiser…

WP Optimiser Test Before

Here’s my test after running WP Optimiser as recommended in their training…

WP Optimiser Test After

Note – I did deactivate one plugin that I don’t use much as part of the optimization. That is one of their recommendations.

Not quite the staggering results I see on the WP Optimiser sales page…but a nice improvement none the less.

I decided to re-enable my caching plugin (WP Super Cache) and here’s the results…

WP Optimiser Test With Cache

Now were getting there…sub 3-second load time. Google should be happy with that!

So, what did my little test prove?

  1. I need to think through my tests before executing them because I wish I had run a speed test with my cache plugin enabled before running WP Optimiser. Once I had optimized the images and run the database optimization there was no way to go back and create a clean test.
  2. It proves to me that every WordPress site is unique, results will vary and additional tweaking may be necessary to fully optimize your site.
  3. A caching plugin is definitely recommended.

What I like about WP Optimiser

Overall, WP Optimiser is a super simple plugin to use that DID speed up my site.

It also gave me the data I needed to identify a slower loading plugin that I actually didn’t need enabled on my site, which produced another speed improvement.

I also like that the Agency license, which enables you to use WP Optimiser on your sites and client sites, is only $39 per year, instead of $99 or $199 for similar optimization plugins.

What I don’t like about WP Optimiser

One of the primary actions you need to take with WP Optimiser is run the Bulk Optimize Images tool to optimize images. On the StoryVideo site I had nearly 500 images. When you run the bulk optimization tool you are only given the choice to do 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50 (high speed hosts only), 100 (high speed hosts only) images at a time.

Because I’m on shared hosting I was hesitant to try the 50 or 100 options, but after running the tool over and over and over I got impatient and ran the 100 option. It took several minutes…but it worked…and it reduced my images from 104.77 MB to 24.93 MB…definitely worth the wait!

Ultimately, I would prefer to click the optimize button once and either wait for it to finish OR have it process the images in the background.

WP Optimiser Bonus

I’m not sure if the product creators are including any bonuses…none were shown on the sales page preview.

I really tried to think of a good, exclusive bonus for this offer. The best thing I can think of to offer is my time.

So, if you buy WP Optimiser Agency through my link I will give you 20 minutes of time to help with the install, or help with tweaks to get the most out of WP Optimiser.

If you buy any of the upgrades I will add an additional 10 minutes for each upgrade.

Please note – All support time will be scheduled. We will work out a convenient time for both of us, which may or may not be exactly when you decide you want it. Also, I’m not the product creator…so issues directly related to the plugin will have to be handled with their normal support system. Although, if you’d like to use my time to work with their support…that is acceptable.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I like WP Optimiser and saw positive results with it on the StoryVideo site.

Did it return the staggering results that are listed on the sales page? Not without the addition of a caching plugin.

I think each site will be somewhat unique. Some sites will see huge speed bumps right off the bat, and others will need deeper analysis of the data WP Optimiser provides to do further tweaking (deactivate unnecessary plugins, possibly change themes, etc.).

I definitely recommend using a caching plugin with WP Optimiser. Whether you choose a complex free one, or choose to pick up the very simple Viper Cache is up to you.

If you have any questions, click the Facebook Messenger Chat button and ask away. I’ll do my best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

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WP Optimiser Review
Jay Allred


PicLinkr Review

Rave Review
Rave Review – Honest Reviews

In this PicLinkr review we will look at Curt Crowley’s latest software…

PickLinkr Launch Details

Sales Page: http://links.ravereview.biz/piclinkr-discount

Launch Date: January 30, 2018

Launch Price: $27

OTO/Upsells: WP Image Redirect ($47)

Product Creator: Curt Crowley

What is PicLinkr?

PicLinkr is software that enables you to post clickable images to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and more. The cool thing about PicLinkr is that you can control what happens when a user clicks the image based on what device they are on. Within a single posted image you can have mobile phones initiate a phone call and desktops redirect to any landing page. On both desktops and smartphones you can redirect users to any URL (including affiliate links normally banned by some social networks), send them to a Skype conversation or start an email. This makes PicLinkr an excellent tool for both offline and online businesses to boost conversions from their social media posts.

Watch this PicLinkr demo where Curt walks you through the software..

What I like about PicLinkr:

First, I trust Curt and his products. He is well-known for producing quality software and providing excellent support. I reviewed his Chrome browser extension creation tool, ChromiCode, last year.

Secondly, I love the possibilities with PicLinkr.

It doesn’t matter if you do affiliate marketing, offline marketing, eCom or marketing just for your own business…PicLinkr has a feature that is going to increase your engagement, clicks and conversions.

For offline marketing, the click-to-call feature is AMAZING!

There are so many possibilities to use click-to-call with restaurants, service providers…heck, most any local business!

And for affiliate marketing, the ability to mask affiliate links makes promoting on Facebook (and other social networks that typically block affiliate links) much easier.

This is one of the few tools I have seen that benefits EVERYONE who markets with images.

What I don’t like about PicLinkr:

Honestly, nothing. I think this is a super-simple tool that anyone can use to boost engagement, clicks and conversions.

PicLinkr Bonus:

Curt is including training on how to use PicLinkr to start or grow an existing lead generation system. Unlike most lead generation systems I’ve seen in the past that center around ranking and renting videos or websites, Curt’s strategy is to use PicLinkr as the lead generation mechanism, primarily on Facebook (but could be used on other platforms).

Curt provides some introductory training on CallRail, a call tracking service, and provides you with a generic phone script and lead generation agreement (contract).

I like where Curt is head here, but there are other options available. In my bonus you get exclusive training on how to track calls via a less expensive option than CallRail AND I teach you how to start a lead generation business without having to deal with customers at all!

PicLinkr Review Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m super excited about the possibilities of PicLinkr. I think is a tool that can be used by anyone that uses images in their marketing, which is 95% of us. The ability to do simple click-to-call and mask affiliate links in Facebook is awesome!

I highly recommend PicLinkr!

PicLinkr Purchase Options

1. Simply buy PicLinkr via the Buy Now button below.

Buy Now button

2. Get PicLinkr for FREE by joining Society 11. What is Society 11?
Society 11 is a private membership run by Curt Crowley and Andy Brocklehurst where they provide tons of free training and software (like PicLinkr and Chromicode). Here’s a short list of everything you get:

  • Access to a secret Facebook group where they share the latest tips and tricks for Internet Marketers, product Vendors and affiliates.
  • Access to their special members area that is loaded with original and exclusive training, software and more.
  • Access to “society only” web apps.
  • Access to secret methods that are usually only discussed in high ticket coaching and $997 products.
  • Exclusive discounts of up to 50% on products released by fellow members.
  • Access to the Society 11 affiliate program so you can promote Society 11 to your audience.

Society 11 costs $97.11 up front and then $27.11 per month as long as you wish to remain a member.

Get PicLinkr for FREE by joining Society 11

PicLinkr Review
Jay Allred

Local Business Client Machine Review

Rave Review

Rave Review – Honest Reviews

In this Local Business Client Machine review we will look at both the training and software to see if it can help you land new local clients.

Local Business Client Machine Launch Info

Sales Page: http://links.ravereview.biz/lbcm-discount

Launch Date: January 10, 2018

Launch Time: 11am EST

Launch Price: $27

OTO/Upsells: Local Business Client Machine DFY ($47), Local Business Client Machine Affordable Coaching ($67)

Product Creator: Lee Cole

What is Local Business Client Machine?

Local Business Client Machine is a combination of training and software (WordPress plugin) that help you find and close local clients by selling a low-cost (or giving away a) “foot-in-the-door” service such as a new website, Google My Business verification & optimization, press release or email marketing services.

Lee breaks down the training like this:

  • What to Sell
    • Websites
    • Google My Business
    • Press Releases
    • Email Marketing
  • How to Sell
    • Network Meetings
    • Direct Mail
    • Social Media
    • Phone & Walk-Ins
    • Preparing & Qualifying Leads
    • The Sales Presentation
    • Upselling Tactics
  • Fulfillment
  • Getting Paid
  • Outsourcing

Local Business Client Machine also includes Proposal Genie software. With Proposal Genie you’re able to quickly create a professional proposal for your prospects in a few minutes. (Similar to Lee’s last product, Passive LinkedIn Goldmine)

Keep in mind that his software is in the form of a WordPress plugin. If you don’t have a current WordPress installation you will have to get a domain, hosting and install WordPress (which is all pretty straight forward).

What are Local Business Client Machine OTOs?

There are two OTOs/upsells…

Local Business Client Machine Done-For-You Package ($47)

This upgrade is done-for-you resources like direct sales letters, four custom squeeze pages, four targeted lead magnet reports, four email sequences, messaging, a complete prospecting funnel and an up-to-date guide to outsourcing.

Local Business Client Machine Affordable Coaching ($67)

This affordable group caching with Lee that will help you break through barriers, eliminate obstacles and help you make money faster.

Do you need any of the OTOs/upsells?

No. You don’t need to buy the upsells in order to get what you need from the front-end training and software.

If you want a head start then the DFY materials will save you a lot of time. Even if you tweak what Lee gives you, it will be much faster than coming up with the materials from scratch.

The group coaching is for people who are really serious about running with this training and strategy. Lee’s coaching will give you an opportunity to get your questions answered and give you extra motivation to press forward and succeed.

What I like about Local Business Client Machine:

Lee has been doing local marketing for close to 20 years and knows his stuff. What Lee teaches is not a hack or fad, but proven strategies that work for him year after year.

Lee walks you through what to sell, how to sell it and where to sell it.

He definitely gives you what you need to get going with local marketing.

For instance, in the Network Meetings training Lee helps you craft an “elevator pitch”, which is extremely helpful at network meetings, meetups and most any social setting.

Lee does a good job of helping you prepare for success, qualify leads, build a sales presentation and upsell your services, which is where you make most of your money.

In the Fulfillment video Lee makes a strong recommendation that I think is absolutely critical for newbies (and experienced marketers) to hear and follow through on…outsource, outsource, outsource!

On the software side, the Proposal Genie WordPress plugin installs with ease and works as advertised. It is basically a proposal template that is easy to edit and makes proposal creation a quick task.

What I don’t like about Local Business Client Machine:

By biggest concern about Local Business Client Machine is that people that have never done any local marketing or sales will buy the course with the expectation that they will easily make money quickly.

Yes, Lee teaches you solid strategies, and even teaches you a little bit about outsourcing…

But at the end of the day you need to know that this is not a get rich quick strategy.

This is solid training on how to build a local marketing business…and it will take a lot of hard work, focus, money and time.

For instance, in the Direct Mail section Lee mentions that you can expect to get one customer for every 100 letters you send…and that’s if your targeting is right. That’s a decent amount of work just to try and land a customer.

Lee tells you what works for him and provides the Proposal Genie software to make getting proposals in front of prospects easy.

But, at the end of the day, you have to learn what is taught and take action day after day until you succeed.

One other minor thing I don’t like is this…Lee uses a video player that doesn’t include speed controls. I know this might seem petty, but my time and your time is valuable. I much prefer the ability to view training at 1.5 – 2 times normal speed, especially when the speaker speaks slowly. I’ve reached out to Lee to see if this can be changed.

Local Business Client Machine Bonuses

One of the primary things Lee emphasizes in Local Business Client Machine is that you should NOT do the actual work yourself (website building, GMB optimization, email marketing, press release writing).

Your time should be focused on prospecting and closing deals, in other words…sales.

Lee recommends outsourcing your work but doesn’t go into very much detail on how to do that.

So, I pulled together 2 outsourcing training books and an audio series that teach you the basics of outsourcing (and even include an outsourcing site you may never heard of from one of the biggest companies on the planet).

These will help you avoid common outsourcing mistakes and save you time and money.

Final Thoughts

Lee has delivered another quality training course that if acted upon can help you start or grow a local marketing business.

The key here is this…you have to put in the time and effort to make your business happen.

I definitely recommend Local Business Client Machine to anyone who is looking to start or struggling to start their own local marketing business.

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Local Business Client Machine Review

Jay Allred

Video Sorcery Review

Rave Review

Rave Review – Honest Reviews

In this Video Sorcery review we will look at Adam Payne’s latest training on how to get 10,000 YouTube views so that you can enable Monetization and take advantage YouTube Cards and End Screens.

Video Sorcery Launch Details

Launch Date: December 18, 2017

Launch Time: 10pm EST

Launch Price: $17

Upsells/OTOs: None

Product Creator: Adam Payne

What is Video Sorcery?

Video Sorcery is Adam Payne’s 5-step strategy for getting 10,000 views so that you can enable Monetization and utilize YouTube End Screens and Cards.

It includes 10 modules containing 19 videos of step-by-step training.

The modules include:

  • Welcome and Overview
  • Get More Views Method 1 – Common Sense
  • Get More Views Method 2 – Sniper
  • Get More Views Method 3 – White Hat Type 1
  • Get More Views Method 3 – White Hat Type 2
  • Get More Views Method 4 – Grey Hat
  • Get More Views Method 5 – Facebook to YouTube
  • Special Bonuses
  • Once You Have 10,000 Now What?
  • Video Marketing Insider

Check out my video review…

Video Sorcery Bonuses

Adam is including some bonus training within the course.

I’m including a video views bonus. One of the things Adam talks about is the pros/cons of buying views. If you buy through my link you don’t have to buy views because I will add your video URL(s) (up to 3) to special software that gives you natural-looking video views from actual YouTube accounts.

This is the same software I use to rank my videos and have used to get my channel past the 10,000 view barrier.

Video Sorcery Final Thoughts

YouTube marketing used to be so easy because you instantly had access to all the tools within YouTube. The 10,000 view requirement YouTube imposed has made it tough to make money from new niche channels.

Adam’s training gives you 5 easy-to-follow steps to get your existing and new YouTube channels over the 10,000 view barrier so that you can once again utilize Cards and End Screens.

With no upsells and a super-low price…this is a no-brainer training for every video marketer.

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Video Sorcery Review

Jay Allred

Crazy Little Funnels Review

Rave Review

Rave Review – Honest Reviews

Thanks for checking out my Crazy Little Funnels review. Below I hope to give you everything you need to make a wise purchase decision.

Crazy Little Funnels Launch Details:

Sales Page: http://links.ravereview.biz/clf-discount

Launch Date: December 7, 2017

Launch Price: $12.95 (starting price may be lower)

OTO/Upsells: 4 Done-For-You Funnels, Crazy Advanced Funnels, Reseller Rights

Product Creator: Neil Napier (KVSocial)

What is Crazy Little Funnels?

Crazy Little Funnels is step-by-step video training on how to create simple sales funnels that have been proven to generate 100 leads and $100+ per day with FREE traffic.

Free traffic (or cold traffic) can be difficult to convert when sent directly to long-winded sales pages. The goal of Crazy Little Funnels is to teach you how to quickly create 2-step funnels that warm up your visitors before sending them to a traditional sales page.

What are the Crazy Little Funnel OTOs?

OTO 1: 4 Done-For-You Funnels ($37)

If you just getting started or want a head start…these DFY funnels in the info product niche will get you up and running quickly.

OTO 2: Crazy Advanced Funnels ($47)

Looking for additional in-depth funnel training? The advanced training reverse engineers 4 high-converting funnels from start to finish in the info product niche, software niche, coaching niche and eCommerce niche.

OTO 3: Reseller ($37)

Need a product to sell? Neil is offering reseller rights to 3 of his software products.

Do you need the Crazy Little Funnel OTOs?

You don’t need them to get the primary sales funnel training.

The DFY funnels will help give you a head start. The Crazy Advanced Funnels training will help you further diagnose how to build high-converting funnels.

The reseller option is good if you don’t have a product in mind and want something to sell right away.

What’s included in Crazy Little Funnels?

Crazy Little Funnels is 4+ hours of step-by-step video training that includes these modules:

  1. Funnel Mapping
  2. 5-Minute Lead Magnets
  3. Irresistible Offer
  4. Building Your Funnel
  5. Email Automation
  6. Bringing It All Together
  7. Bonus: Facebook Retargeting

What I like about Crazy Little Funnels:

The main thing I like about Crazy Little Funnels is that it is thorough. Neil leaves nothing out.

Neil takes you from funnel design to lead magnet creation to offers to funnel creation to email follow-up sequence and more.

Now to be honest, Crazy Little Funnels is 4+ hours of training and I got to the point where I had to start skimming so I could get a solid overview of the training and get this review done.

But throughout the training Neil was dropping little “knowledge nuggets” from his experience.

I can’t say it enough…these are priceless.

There is no doubt in my mind that all newbies and many experienced marketers could pick up some solid, actionable info from Crazy little Funnels.

In addition, the funnels Neil teaches you how to build are designed to increase “cold traffic” conversions. This was one of the main reasons that Crazy Little Funnels caught my attention.

I will definitely be implementing what I learned into my funnels!

What I don’t like about Crazy Little Funnels:

My primary concern with Crazy Little Funnels is that many people will love the training because it is thorough and easy to understand…but get lost in the actual implementation because there are no specific platform instructions.

And although I don’t like that…it would be impossible to give step-by-step instructions on every possible landing page builder and email autoresponder that are in use.

Within the training Neil primarily uses InstaSuite/Kyvio for his demos. This is his product so it makes sense.

Just know, you can use whatever page builder (Builderall, WordPress, ClickFunnels, etc.) and email autoresponder (Aweber, GetResponse, etc.) you like to build the simple funnels.

I encourage you to watch the training t get the concepts and then watch it again as you build out your funnel in whatever system(s) you use.

Crazy Little Funnels Bonuses:

Because Crazy Little Funnels is already 4+ hours of training I don’t want to provide you with more training. Instead, I’m giving you access to StoryVideo Volume 3.

StoryVideo Volume 3 is 5 done-for-you videos that pre-sell high-profile IM products like Aweber, ClickFunnels, HostGator, Long Tail Pro and Thrive Themes.

All you have to do is become an affiliate for the products and then use the videos within your funnel. And don’t worry, you don’t have to purchase the products to become an affiliate.

These videos could also be used on YouTube, social sites and websites.

Final Thoughts on Crazy Little Funnels

I definitely think Crazy little Funnels is solid training and will help many people create higher-converting sales funnels, especially for “cold traffic”.

Neil has tons of experience and simply gleaning from his experience is worth the price of this training.

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Crazy Little Funnels Review

Black Friday 2017

Rave Review
Rave Review – Honest Reviews

Welcome to our Black Friday 2017 deals page…

Discover great deals on Internet Marketing, SEO and Video Marketing software and training from our trusted vendors below.

Bookmark this page and check back frequently over the next couple of days as deals will be updated as they come in!

Content Creation/Curation/Syndication

Content Studio – http://links.ravereview.biz/contentstudio

Content Samurai – 70% Off – http://www.contentsamurai.com/black-friday-sale/

Semantic Mastery Done-For-You Syndication Networks – https://goo.gl/v1EJRJ – Click on Syndication Networks and then Use Code crazyfriday17 to save 15%

Semantic Mastery Done-For-You RYS Stacks – https://goo.gl/v1EJRJ – Click on RYS Stacks and then Use Code TURKEYRYS15Stack to save 15%

Internet Marketing/SEO/Video Marketing Training

Barry Rodgers Black Friday Special – https://tony-shepherd-collection-pz.convertri.com/?ref=8e4e

PromoteLabs Social Media Course w/PLR – 75% Off – https://jvz5.com/c/307549/283640

PromoteLabs Traffoc Generation Course w/PLR – 75% Off – https://jvz5.com/c/307549/283636

PromoteLabs Affiliate Marketing Course w/PLR – 75% Off – https://jvz8.com/c/307549/283634

PromoteLabs Entrepreneur Startup Course w/PLR – 75% Off – https://jvz7.com/c/307549/283638

Internet Marketing/SEO/Video Marketing Software

AppSumo Briefcase – http://links.ravereview.biz/briefcasehq

PromoteLabs Lead Magnet Power Pack w/PLR – 75% Off – https://jvz3.com/c/307549/272488

Black Friday 2017

Stop Motion Creator Review

Rave Review

Rave Review – Honest Reviews

In our Stop Motion Creator review we take an honest look at this stop motion creation software to let you know whether it’s worth your investment.

Stop Motion Creator Launch Details

Sales Page: http://links.ravereview.biz/stopmotion

Launch Date: November 12, 2017

Launch Time: 11am EST

Launch Price: $27 Personal, $37 Commercial

OTOs/Upsells: Stop Motion Creator Pro ($67), Stop Motion Creator Pro Templates ($67), Stop Motion Traffic ($67)

Product Creator: Andrew Darius

What is Stop Motion Creator?

Stop Motion Creator is a very simple software that converts normal videos into stop motion videos with a few clicks.

The front end product comes in two variations, personal and commercial.

If you only plan to use Stop Motion Creator for your own videos then personal will be fine.

If you plan on selling your stop motion videos to clients then you’ll need the commercial license.

What is stop motion video?

Historically, stop motion was an animation technique where an object was made to look like it moved on its on. Most of us have seen this technique used in clay-mation movies and TV shows.

More recently, stop motion video has been used to give normal videos an extra oomph to capture and keep the attention of the viewer.

Stop Motion Creator makes creating stop motion videos simple and quick.

Check out this Stop Motion Creator demo…

As you can see from the demo, Stop Motion Creator is very easy to use.

Stop Motion Video OTOs/Upsells:

There are several upsells. Let’s take a look…

Stop Motion Creator Pro ($67)

Stop Motion Creator Pro adds the ability to adjust the speed, add multiple markers and select the exact part of the video you want to add stop motion.

Below is a demo of the Stop Motion Creator Pro features…

Stop Motion Creator Pro Templates ($67)

This is a set of 3000 royalty-free stock HD videos for use with Stop Motion Creator.

Also, watch for a downsell on this level to $37 for 1500 stock videos.

Stop Motion Traffic ($67)

Stop Motion Traffic is software that helps you automate posting of your videos to 17 different social media networks.

Do you need the OTOs?

The Pro upgrade definitely gives you more creative ability so it’s really a matter of whether you’re looking for a no frills, simple solution (front end) or one with a little more editing capability (Pro).

I would skip the templates as there are plenty of free stock video sites (Pixabay being my favorite).

Unfortunately I don’t have enough info on Stop Motion Traffic to make a recommendation one way or another.

What I like about Stop Motion Creator:

My first question when I started testing Stop Motion Creator was…are there free ways to do this type of video effect?

I did some quick searches and found a tutorial for doing it in Camtasia that looked way too complicated. I also saw a few other stop motion creators, but they looked complicated as well.

As you can see from the demo above, Stop Motion Creator is stupid simple.

Add your video, play with the freeze setting and click generate.

If you like it…export it. If you don’t, remove the marker and try it again.

Stupid simple.

From my testing the software works as advertised. I didn’t have any problems creating some simple stop motion videos with it.

Here’s a quick one I made using a video from Pixabay…

What I don’t like about Stop Motion Creator:

Overall, I like what Andrew has created.

Ultimately, I wish the core product had all of the features, even if it meant a higher initial price.

Stop Motion Creator Bonuses:

Andrew is including the following bonuses…

  • Compositor 2.0
  • Screen Marker
  • SC Video Editor
  • Panorama Photo Stitcher for Windows
  • 2D Animation Studio
  • Easy Web Builder Desktop App

In addition, I’m including full access to my MarketingSchool.Online membership site, which includes tons of hours of marketing training.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading through our Stop Motion Creator review.

If you’re looking for a super simple way to create stop motion videos for social media, ads or clients…Stop Motion Creator is a simple and effective tool.

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Stop Motion Creator Review

Jay Allred