What Is Push Lotus?

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Fan Page Robot

Fan Page Robot is a social media management platform that allows you to find and post viral content on autopilot to your Facebook Fan Pages, Google Plus Pages, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, and Blogger.

Pro Plan – $9/mo – Manage up to 4 Facebook Fan Pages and 28 other social media pages.

Unlimited Plan – $29/mo – Manage UNLIMITED pages on 8 blog/social media platforms.

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I have been active on social media for business reasons for several years now and manage between 5 – 10 social profiles at any given time. It has been very difficult to provide content and manage that many accounts.

For the past two years I have used HootSuite to monitor, manage, and schedule my posts. I love HootSuite!

But, for some of my social accounts I simply need a level of automation that HootSuite is not geared towards.

Enter, Fan Page Robot.

Fan Page Robot Demo

Fan Page Robot Features

As you can see from the video, Fan Page Robot is a powerful social media management platform!

Just to give you an idea of the features…let me try to run them all down…

  • Autopilot
    • Automatic viral content discovery
    • Automatic content creation
    • Auto-posting to your social media accounts and blogs from RSS feeds and keyword searches
    • Auto-posting from your primary blog to your other blog and social media accounts
  • Viral Content
    • Discover the latest and most interesting content sorted by number of shares or favorites
    • Quickly see trending data on keywords via Google Trends
    • Email notification of new content with the ability to publish it right from your email
    • Multi-lingual support
  • Lead Generation
    • New method allows you to promote your company on YouTube, Yahoo, and other high-authority sites for FREE
    • 100+ high-converting and beautiful templates
    • Integration with your Autoresponder
  • Hashtag Analysis
    • Built-in system that analyzes your hashtags and shows you related hashtags and their view and share rates in Facebook and Twitter
  • Video Marketing
    • Automatically find videos from top social, video, and news sites and upload them to Facebook as a Native Facebook video so that videos will auto-play within the news feed.
  • Top Influencers
    • Find top influencers in your niche and connect with them

OK, that was a mouth full!

Fan Page Robot Benefits


Save Time

Easy Interface

Low Cost

Increase Authority

My Experience with Fan Page Robot

I picked up the Pro plan ($9/mo) so I could put Fan Page Robot through a couple of tests.

Setup was very simple.

Once I logged in I was asked to connect with Facebook. Once connected to Facebook I was able to chose which Facebook Fan Pages I wanted to manage.

I selected my pages and then was taking to the dashboard.

IMage of the Fan Page Robot Dashboard

As you can see from the screen shot…the dashboard is laid out very cleanly. You can see that there are tabs for finding content, mixing content, and creating campaigns.

Image of the Fan Page Robot Search Screen

On the Generate Content screen you can search for the latest news, images, videos, pull from RSS feeds, and search for top influencers.

It is super easy to find fresh and popular content!

If you discover a search that gives you great results consistently you can click the Save Search to Content Mixer.

Image of the Fan Page Robot Content Mixer

The Content Mixer is where the magic happens!

In here you can configure auto-posting to your social accounts and blog sites. You have complete control over what, when, and how often content gets published.

This is so powerful!

Image of the Fan Page Robot Campaign Screen

Lastly, on the Rock.ly Campaigns screen you can quickly and easily build landing pages and opt-in forms.

When you put all of these features together you have one extremely powerful social media management tool!

My Thoughts

I am still a few days into using Fan Page Robot but I can already tell that it is going to free me up to focus on other parts of my business. Being able to find viral content, save that search, and automatically share that content is just so powerful.

All of this functionality for the price of a super-size combo from McDonald’s!

If you are a social media manager, social media consultant, or you are simply responsible for your company’s social media presence…I definitely recommend giving Fan Page Robot a try today!

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Pinned to Tech Reviews on Pinterest

Just Pinned to Tech Reviews: OMG! You have to see this clever new device. If you have concerns about privacy or recurring costs or limited storage with most cloud providers you can now run your own personal cloud from your home with an Internet connection, this tiny device, and and a USB hard drive. #tech #amazing https://www.pinterest.com/pin/336151559668349440

Afraid of the Cloud?

Your Own Personal Cloud

First off, this is not an official review. I simply ran across this product and thought it looked pretty cool…especially for those of us that are a just a little concerned about putting our data in the cloud.

You know…privacy concerns…what are they doing with our files and photos…how might they be using it to learn about us in order to…well, you fill in the blank.

And on top of that there is the monthly or yearly charges.

For what? 5gb of space? 15GB of space? Or even 100Gb of space? That’s nothing by today’s standards!

But…cloud storage is awesome. You can save photos and music and spreadsheets and documents…and access them from your computer, smartphone, and tablet. Better yet…the pictures you take with your phone can instantly be saved to the cloud for other people in your family to see.

Gosh, wouldn’t be nice to have the benefits of the cloud without the concerns of the cloud.

Well, now there is!

The device is called Lima. You can visit their website here. (Yes, this is an affiliate link which means I will make a small commission if you purchase Lima.)

Lima is a small device with two ports. One port is a network port connects to your Internet router. The other port is a USB port that connects to your external hard drive.

Lima solves all three problems…privacy, storage space, and recurring charges.

Storage Space = Solved!

With Lima you are limited only by the size of the hard drive you plug into it.

External hard drive sizes range from 1 terabyte to 5 terabytes with pricing from $55 to $140, respectively. For reference, you can store about 2 million photos in 1 terabyte. (See my external USB hard drive recommendations below.)

Lima + your external drive = 98.5% more space than what cloud storage providers typically provide.

Recurring Charges = Solved!

With Lima you make two simple purchases…the Lima device and an external hard drive.

That’s it.

No more monthly or yearly charges!

Privacy Concerns = Solved!

You no longer have to worry about what information cloud storage providers are gleaning from your data.

The data is stored on your hard drive in your home.

You get all of the benefits of the cloud without the concerns of the cloud!

Wrapping Up

If you have avoided taking advantage of cloud storage because of concerns about recurring costs, limited storage space, or privacy concerns…Lima is your chance to jump on the cloud revolution!

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External USB Hard Drive Recommendations

Project Supremacy

Launch Start Date: 2/17/16

Launch Start Time: 10am EST

Project Supremacy is a versatile SEO plugin for WordPress that enables you to add site-wide or individual page schema markup, edit image EXIF data, perform interlinking, and insert affiliate links, YouTube videos, and Pixabay images with the push of a button.

Single Site License – $47

Unlimited Personal Sites – $97

Unlimited Agency License – $197

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Like many WordPress users I have relied on several SEO plugins (Yoast, All-In-One) for my websites. For the most part I have been a Yoast user and been pretty happy with the results.

But, a few weeks ago I was invited to a webinar where Project Supremacy was introduced. I was amazed at the breadth of its capabilities and immediately purchased it.

Since then I have begun to implement it on my new site builds instead of Yoast.

I am excited to share my experience with the plugin in this Project Supremacy review.

Before You Activate Project Supremacy

In order for the Project Supremacy plugin to activate you have to make sure that IonCube is enabled within your hosting account’s PHP Config. On some hosters IonCube is enabled already and some you will have to do it manually through cPanel.

In general this prerequisite is not a big deal…but I did find that if you run multiple WordPress sites within the same hosting account (sub-domains) that an extra step may need to be taken to get Project Supremacy up and running.

I shot a quick video to walk you through how to do it…

Getting Started with Project Supremacy v2

The team over at Project Supremacy have done a good job of providing you with videos that walk you through the many Project Supremacy settings.

If you decide to purchase PS v2 I encourage you to watch those training videos to understand each aspect of the SEO plugin.

Once you have done that you can get Project Supremacy installed and configure the API settings. Even if you don’t configure the affiliate or article writing API info make sure you configure the Keyword Planner setting for your default language and country.

The other thing you will want to consider enabling is the Proxy Settings. Though it is not a requirement, using proxies can help if you do a lot of project building and keyword research with Project Supremacy.

Schema Markup – The Pride and Joy of the Project Supremacy SEO Plugin

The schema markup capabilities of Project Supremacy are powerful…VERY POWERFUL!

PS v2 gives you the ability to create both site-wide markup and per-page markup with ease.

What is schema markup?

Schema markup is code that you add to your website that helps search engines more fully understand what your site is about in order to deliver more relevant results for searchers.

If you are not familiar with schema markup head over to the Semantic Mastery podcast to get an idea of what it is and why it helps your SEO.

Project Supremacy gives you the ability to add the following markup types:

  • Local Business with Predefined Business Types
  • Review
  • Video

The PS team is dedicated to adding more schema types and business categories.

PS v2 also has a Review Widget that can be enabled and put in the sidebar so that your visitors can leave reviews, which get added automatically to the schema markup.

Project Supremacy Projects

One of the features I like best about PS v2 is Projects.

Projects enable you to perform keyword research from within WordPress itself.

Below is a screen shot of a blank project…

You can run Projects in either Local mode or Affiliate mode. The mode determines how PS flags the keywords for search volume, CPC, competition, etc.

The best thing…you can build a project for another site, save it, and then import it to that other site!

If you buy the Agency license and do work for clients you can build your projects from your own site and then simply import it to the customer site.

Affiliate Offers and Articles

If everything that has been detailed is not enough…Project Supremacy also gives you the ability to find affiliate offers and order articles right within the plugin.

The PS plugin integrates with both iNeedArticles and iWriter. So, you can do your research and then order your content without ever leaving WordPress.

Do you want to monetize your blog or content even further?

Use the Affiliate Research section to find great products and then use shortcodes to both hide the affiliate links and place the product offers within your content

My Thoughts

I am very impressed with the versatility of the Project Supremacy SEO plugin.

If you are like me…you are constantly jumping from one tool to another and then back to WordPress.

Project Supremacy gives you the ability to do keyword research, affiliate offer research, order content, and add markup all in one tight plugin.

The training is good and the support is excellent!

There is no doubt that PS v2 will be my WordPress SEO plugin of choice for years to come.

Whether you manage one website or a thousand…I highly recommend Project Supremacy to all WordPress users!